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Today companies have the need to use and provide computer services in a simple, agile and dynamic way, where it’s necessary to open the internal network to the Internet and even consider the option of cloud services, with the security as a main factor, since the earliest stages. With more than 20 years as a Company, Penta actively collaborates with companies in protecting their information against third parties (individuals or organizations) who attempt to gain unauthorized access to post, modify and / or destroy this information producing a harmful effect on the business operation.

Integrity Program

Penta consists of an Integrity Program that aims to promote a culture of ethical and transparent conduct, allowing to minimize the risks to which it is exposed due to the intrinsic development of its activity. Penta believes that the effective participation and responsibility of each of its members in their daily work are critical in the search for integrity behavior. Our Code of Ethics and Conduct, together with its associated regulatory framework, determines the guidelines for behavior that must guide all Penta members in the daily exercise of their work.

Line of reporting irregularities

We have internal channels for reporting irregularities for any eventual violation of our Code of Ethics and Conduct, or the law itself. Such reports can be made by email to etica@pentass.com. In this way, Penta deepens and confirms its commitment to ethical business conduct; putting into practice essential values ​​of respect, compliance, honesty, integrity and ethical governance.

Our profile

Our company is led by a group of specialists in information security with extensive experience in large local and international companies, whose professional development has started in one of the largest worldwide consulting firms – one of the Big Four group.

Among our main qualities is the use of proprietary methodologies conformed by knowledge bases and automatic tools, aligned with internationally accepted standards for information security and technology, such as:


Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology Information – established by ISACA.


Information Technology Infrastructure Library – established by United Kingdom Office of Government Commerce.

Serie ISA 62.443

The International Society of Automation – Industrial Cybersecurity.

ISO/IEC 20.000 Serie

Service Management.

ISO/IEC 27.000 Series

Series of security standards of security information published by the International Standardization Organization (ISO) and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).

ISO 22.301

Business Continuity.

Our team

One of our key points is the continuous improvement, which is reflected in the permanent formation of our team, adding several professionals, such as: MBAs, Masters in Communications, Systems Engineers, Electronic Engineers and Graduates in Systems. As a complement, we have associated the main international certifications.

Our staff, who currently manage and monitor the security of a variety of corporate networks, has the skills necessary to manage enterprise systems:

Implementing security aspects in information systems.

Incorporating various defense mechanisms of information.

Conducting audits/ security assessments.

Developing policies and procedures for computer and information security.

Performing active scans of vulnerabilities in systems.

Analyzing security events.

Providing special system security services.

Providing support in security management systems.

Social responsibility

  • Serve society with useful products and in fair condition.

  • Create wealth in the most efficient manner possible.

  • Respect human rights with decent working conditions that promote work health and safety, and workers human and professional development.

  • Ensure company continuity and, if possible, achieve reasonable growth.

  • Respect the environment wherever possible avoiding any contamination by minimizing the generation of waste and more efficient use of natural and energy resources.

  • Comply strictly with laws, regulations, rules and customs, respecting the legitimate contracts and commitments.

  • Ensure equitable distribution of the wealth generated.

Human Resources

The difference is in the people, because we know that the key to make a simple phone call or a query became an experience of excellence, is the intervention of the human quality of our staff. Penta Security Solutions, through its Human Resources department, wants to establish contact with anyone to which service excellence is more than a cliché.

To achieve this our goal -in terms of incorporating staff- is to identify and attract professionals, technicians, students about to graduate from all areas related to our lines of business.

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